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31 32 52 58 61. girl you are stunning

- lol yes, vodka and wine. Nothing like Aileen and Ashley’s closet tho hahahah 

- scary movies are the best movies!

- I think I’m usually nice to everyone but sometimes I get in this weird mood where it amuses me to be a bitch

- I guess I’ve always had one close girlfriend and a close guy friend. In this case, Sean and Dana.

- How is my heart? I don’t quite understand. Literally, I think it’s pretty healthy, it pumps blood and stuff, you know. Figuratively, sometimes it hurts. At night it aches. In the morning it’s cold and longing. Poetic stuff like that.

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why dont you like dorm life????

People are annoying and loud. That probably makes me sound awful I just don’t really like living with many different personality types. It makes me feel really..invisible.

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7 and 11 <3

- I am wearing light washed skinny jeans from Old Navy, a tan colored long-sleeve, knee-length shirt from TJ Maxx and gray floral lace-adorned socks from Urban. 

- I am a rather social person I would say. Not in my dorm tho. Fuck dorm life. 

lexispark asked:
Hey Em! Miss you. Your anons are all over my dashboard so I thought I would say hi! :)

Lexis I literally think of you all the time! I miss you so much ❤️ come to depaul soon! Or Columbia and I’ll meetcha there!

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do you get drunk a lot in college?

uh yes

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seventy five and seventy nine

- I woke up hungover

- Nope, just Filip in my dreams as per usual 

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5, 51, 80, 97

- I don’t think anyone is mad, I mean it’s been quite a while now.

- Considering he’s my boyfriend, no.

- I have Philosophy at 9:40 and Literature at 1:00, that’s it!

- Agh seriously? I like don’t ever delete texts so pretty much it goes back like 30 people over the last 6 months.

"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

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Quite possibly the best couple in history.

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30 and 54!!!

- I really hope nobody HATES me, though I’d never assume I was loved by everyone either. I don’t think I do things that could warrant such hate. But idk! It’s quite possible I guess?
- lol yes? I’ve been in a relationship for 2 and a half years and neither of us has cheated. He is waaaaay too cute 😘 Makes me super happy!